SW ABQ Church Plant Project

Southwest Albuquerque Church Plant Feasibility Study

As a result of the map on the wall in the fellowship room that was put together by the Faith in Christ Missions Committee, in January, the pastors of the North and South Sandia Circuits authorized a study to be performed to determine the feasibility of a new church plant in the South Valley and Southwest part of the city of Albuquerque. This is a large portion of the metropolitan area that is not currently served by an LCMS church in its boundaries.

Extensive internet research was conducted as well as several drive trips to view the target area. One trip included Pastor Eli as well as another area Pastor and another area church Evangelism Committee Chair. This drive around report as well as a complete summary of all work and research conducted about the target area from January thru March was presented to the Sandia Circuit Pastors in April. All agreed that the idea of a new church plant in this area is feasible.

Faith in Christ, led by but not limited to, Pastor Eli, Al Arnold, and part of the year attendee/friend of FIC Pastor Ted Kuster, will be taking the lead on this project of planting a new church for the circuit. The last church plant in the metro area still in existence was 20 years ago – Shepherd of the Hills, Rio Rancho, in 1994.

We will be discussing how to proceed further on the project, talking to people in the area, and beginning Bible studies as soon as possible. Considerable prayer and effort are necessary and volunteers are always appreciated.

If you are interested in more info about this project, please contact, Al Arnold, Missions Board Chair, alanarnoldnm@gmail.com

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